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647 351 5100 59 Ossington Ave
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tables of 4+ are reserved for 2.5 hours
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Final Dinner Service - Saturday, November 10

Dear Friends,

After 4 amazing years, Boralia will be serving up our historically-inspired Canadian dishes for the very last time on Saturday, November 10. It is not a decision we arrived at easily, but with a new addition to our little family on the way and increasing rent, we feel that now is the best time to end this particular chapter. We are honoured to have been a part of the Toronto and Canadian food scene for the past several years, and are so grateful for your support. Who knew so many people would want to eat pigeon pie and sea snail on a consistent basis?!

We invite you to join us over the next 3 weeks for a last hurrah and a final fix of our pine-smoked mussels. It’ll be a chance for us to say thank you and farewell. Reservations available here through our website or by phone at (647) 351-5100. Hope to see you in the next few weeks.

Wayne & Evelyn



Canadian Wine Wednesdays!

Join us every Wednesday for half-priced bottles of Canadian wines.

  • Kedgeree Boralia Toronto
  • Braised Whelk Boralia Toronto
  • Borealia Toronto
  • Boralia Toronto
  • Boralia Toronto

Boralia celebrates the historic origins of Canadian cuisine. Our menu draws inspiration from traditional Aboriginal dishes, as well as the recipes of early settlers and immigrants of the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Boralia: A history lesson in Canadiana 
that tastes unforgettably good


"The most positive menu-writing innovation I’ve seen in this city appeared last fall at Boralia, a polished and groundbreaking new restaurant on lower Ossington Avenue. Boralia’s aim is to celebrate the historical foods of Canada – but not just the usual poutines and butter tarts."

Toronto's 10 Best New Restaurants 2015


"They've imbued their welcoming Ossington Avenue room not just with first-rate cooking and the subtle scent of pine smoke, but also with uncommon polish and grace."

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Amy Pataki, The Toronto Star >

"There was the surprise of Boralia on Ossington Ave., a restaurant that mines the past with delicious results."

Boralia a delicious lesson in Canadian history

Amy Pataki, The Toronto Star >

"Think Canadian cuisine is all maple syrup and poutine? Think again. Thanks to the new Boralia on Ossington Ave., my edible Canada now includes Chinese-style deviled eggs, Acadian beignets and a seemingly simple but utterly captivating 17th-century dish involving mussels, butter and pine needles. "

Best New Restaurants 2015

Mark Pupo, Toronto Life >

"The highlight one night was a casserole of dense salt cod quenelles, their marine flavour ratcheted up by a bisque-like velouté and tender lobes of lobster. A history lesson has never left me so happy."

Joanne Kates Top 100 Restaurants 2015

Joanne Kates, Post City >

"Toronto’s homage to Canadiana is breathtakingly delicious thanks to superchef Wayne Morris."

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Tiffany Leigh, Sofia Papamarko, Edie Pazienza, Sheryl Kirby, Now >

"Husband-and-wife team chef Wayne Morris and Evelyn Wu give us Canadiana on a plate – the most delicious history lesson you can get. "

The Best New Restaurants in Toronto, 2014

Liora Ipsum, BlogTO >

"Take a trip back in time at this Ossington restaurant where historic recipes of native peoples and Canada's early settlers get revamped for modern palettes."

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Zagat Staff, Zagat >

"Must-order: L'éclade ($15): this bowl of mussels is served under a glass dome, which is lifted at the table, releasing an aromatic cloud of pine smoke."

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Liz Connor, Evening Standard >

"It’ll be the most delicious history lesson you ever take."

Top 10 Restaurants of 2015

Alan Vernon, Dine.TO >

"Boralia is a win-win: it oozes with charm with a relaxed almost natural elegance."

How Boralia makes a French-Canadian bonfire classic without burning down their kitchen

Tiffy Thompson, Toronto Life >

"The finished buttery mussels have a lush, arboreal flavor with a hint of smoke—and no residual ashes."

Boralia Bunny Boralia is not part of the award-winning Borealis group of restaurants based in Guelph and Kitchener, Ontario.